Aventura Mall: More than Just a Shopping Experience

Aventura Mall: Miami’s Artistic and Merchandise Jewel
Following the trail of other splendid shopping malls in Shanghai, Paris, Poxman, Beirut and even in the rural regions of Oxfordshire, England, exhibiting art is now considered the de facto feature in enticing buyers to a shopping experience. State-of-the-art hotels, miniature theme parks, luxury items and real estate merchandising have been used traditionally; however, using art to sell merchandise has now become the going trend in the minds of many mall developers today.

Aventura Mall In Miami, The Magic City
As if the lure of the sub-tropic breezes and the smell of the crisp Atlantic Ocean weren’t enough, one precious jewel found in northern Miami-Dade county makes a trip to Miami worth while. That being said, Aventura Shopping Mall has now become the choice place to spend an evening or afternoon in South Florida.

Utilizing both world-renowned and local artistic mediums, Aventura Shopping Mall provides the best of both worlds in shopping modalities and experiences as well.

One Extraordinary Artistic Example Pairing Merchandising And the Arts
In what can only be described as a celebration of art history and marketing, world-class bag and accessory designer, Louis Vuitton, has partnered with modern-day artist Jeff Koons to create “Masters.” Based on large-scale painted reproductions of Old World, Old Master artists, bags and accessories are now featured at the Aventura shopping galleria.

Exquisitely unique, and elegant in design, don’t look for the traditional Louis Vuitton monogram. Combining Koon’s predominant, “K,” the distinctively famous Louis Vuitton monogram has been taken to a new height in merchandise branding and artistic design as well.

Now, ladies can smartly take along their art favorite bags while exhibiting Da Vinci, Rubens and Michaelangelo reproductions. Kudos for both firms on this project.

The Turnberry Experience In Mall Enhancements
Working in overdrive to turn the Aventura Mall into a destination place for Miami visitors, the owner of the mall and co-CEO of Turnberry Associates, Jackie Soffer, opted to give a museum-quality feel to Aventura Mall.

All in all, Aventura’s head architect in mall concepts and designs, Jackie Soffer and a world-class art collection implements artistic mediums of both renowned international and local Miami artists. Taking it even further, artists such as Ugo Rondinone, Louise Bourgeois and so many others, make this artistic display a lasting and rewarding experience for those who long to bask in the many wonders of Miami, the Magic City.

Combined with top-of-the-line quality items, uniquely elegant dining experiences and convenient locality from downtown Miami, cruise lines and the Miami International Airport, the Aventura Mall shopping experience is not to be missed when visiting South Florida.