Organizations the Help in the Philippines

The Philippines is located on the Pacific Ring of Fire and near the equator. This makes them vulnerable to typhoons and earthquakes. When disasters like this strike, those who are affected by emergencies need help right away. There are many organizations in the Philippines that help. They provide emergency medical supplies and can even assist those living there with shelter and jobs. These organizations also strive to build peace in areas of tension. Many residents of the Philippines struggle making only $2 a day. There are so many impoverished families and children that can’t go to school. While these organizations help to change all of this they still need your help. Here are a few organizations that help better people’s lives in the Philippines. This can eventually help stop the cycle of sickness and poverty while improving education, livelihood, community building and healthcare.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity was founded in 1988. It has helped over 150,000 families with housing. They also provide families with better healthcare, educations, sustainable energy and clean water. This organization responds to natural disasters quickly helping families rebuild. Over 4 million families in the Philippines live in unsafe and unsanitary conditions. The Philippine government’s housing policy is inadequate, which makes Habitat for Humanity so important.

Islamic Relief USA

This organization helps those who truly need it while maintaining the principles of Islam. Your donations to this organization will help provide clean water, education, health and basic needs. There is also a program within Islamic Relief USA that focuses on orphan support. It helps orphans and their families prosper and sustain a successful way of living.

Feed the Children

This organization coordinates with local government and non governmental organizations to help mothers better take care of their children. They teach them how to grow their own vegetables to provide for their family. They also provide deworming treatments, vitamin capsules to help children against nutrient deficiencies.