Savvy Malls Evolve in the Midst of the Online Shopping Boom

There was a time when shopping malls were the place to be. Teenagers went to the mall to have fun while families went there to spend quality time together. Yes, malls were a cornerstone in American society, but that is changing due to the rapid growth of online shopping.

Some might imagine that malls would just move over and let the new advancements take over, but that is not the case. Some malls see the changes in society and are taking it upon themselves to evolve with the times.

Westfield Corp and Simon Properties own some of the malls that are looking into the future. For one, these malls are attempting to make the shopping experience more than a shopping experience. The key to their design was to get people to shop all day, which is one reason why they offered food that was high in calories to ensure that shoppers had the energy to shop.

The Westfield and Simon malls are looking to change that by creating a shopping experience that feels more like an outing. The malls give visitors a reason to leave home by enhancing some of the activities that could be done at the mall. For example, one of Simon’s malls showcases a farmer’s market to give shoppers an experience that they cannot have shopping online.

It also seems like technology is going to play a big role in the direction malls are going to take for the future, as explained by Westfield Exec Peter Lowy. For example, malls are now using phone applications to enhance the shopping experience. The applications allow shoppers to pre-order food from restaurants within the shopping center. This means people can continue shopping and know that their food will be ready by the time they get to the restaurant.

Shoppers are also given the opportunity to join loyalty programs to save a few bucks and enter a chance to win a few prizes. The application also makes it easier for shoppers to move around the mall without consulting the physical mall directory that no mall guest likes to use.

One of the most popular services recently introduced is the concierge service. This service ensures that all purchases made are delivered to a shopper’s car or home. A person can shop without carrying their bags, which can get quite tiring after a few minutes.

There is no doubt that some malls are finding ways to stay in business as time moves forward.